The New Mascot

First 2 days of her life

Penelope was born about 7 weeks ago. Her first breath was taken when she was loaded into a plastic bag. The next day she was tossed into a dumpster in New Mexico in a TIED trash bag, again only 2 days old.


Penelope's crys were heard by some people walking by. Later a rescue team showed up. She was brought to a dirty pound at 3 days old. That day they realized she was sick and put her on the table to be euthanized. Seconds later an Arizona based rescue team showed and took her off the table and to AZ to be saved.

Final Home

She finally was all fixed up and hoping for adoption or it was back to be euthanized. So much for a one week old puppy to deal with. I, after my trip to Houston was looking for a dog of my own after seeing so many sad dogs in bad condition. I knew I wanted to rescue. I saw on a website a dog named Penelope this point at 4 weeks old and I knew she was the one. I finally got to see her in person after a week and put down the money. Then at 6 weeks I took her home. She is the perfect mascot for this foundation and the best forever friend.

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