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The Dylan Capshaw Wildlife Foundation is a non-profit business  working to save animals in need of help. 


Hurricane Florence

Limited Event, Sponsor an Emu!


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,ev   For a limited time only you can sponsor an Emu! An emu is the second largest bird in the world. Your donation of $80 will buy one emu egg delivered to a special hatchery where proffesionals will then hatch it and bring it to an Emu rescue. You will get your own section on this website full of the pictures of YOUR emu, you will get to name it, AND you will get a certificate with a picture of your baby at his new home mailed to you. These eggs are sold for resteraunt use meaning if they don't get saved, they get served on dinner plate.


Hurricane Florence! $2,000 Goal!

We are back with another MAJOR fundraiser! Now, 1 year after our Hurricane Harvey flight and MAJOR donation we have Hurricand Florence threatening more animals and we are going to KICK ITS BUTT! With your help our current goal is $2,000. Using my personal money, once we reach our goal, I will be flying out immediately to get hands on saving animals and documenting it all. Recently it was released that 1.3 Million pigs and chickens drowned and died. 1.3 MILLION. That is an enormous number of innocent animals. WE NEED TO KICK FLORENCE’S BUTT! DONATE NOW!!


Last year the amazing $1,000 you donated help us personally save over 50 pets! This year, we are going try and DOUBLE it! Please help us and donate now!


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Donating helps save wild animals!  Every last penny donated will be given to save animals. Wildlife conservation is our #1 goal. Videos of your money being used to save endangered animals will be available on this website and on our Instagram, DCWF.Page! 


We have yearly fundraisers and every year we have our grand one. During our last one we raised over $1,500 and fly somewere around the world to donate it. Help us continue this by donating!



I flew to Houston and donated $1,000! It was so great. I got to meet AMAZING people at the RPM, a shelter in Houston. Together we went into an abandoned grocery store and saved 10 dogs! I even got tickets for my whole family to the Astros game donated to me. When I went a manager of the Astros came out, met me, and even gave me a huge bag full of merchandise. Overall it was an amazing trip and I can’t thank anyone more for donating to help save those 10 dogs! 

Houston Donation

The official Houston donation to the Rescued Pets Movement.

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