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The Dylan Capshaw Wildlife Foundation is a non-profit business  working to save animals in need of help. 

Houston Donation

The official Houston donation to the Rescued Pets Movement.


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I flew to Houston and donated $1,000! It was so great. I got to meet AMAZING people at the RPM, a shelter in Houston. Together we went into an abandoned grocery store and saved 10 dogs! I even got tickets for my whole family to the Astros game donated to me. When I went a manager of the Astros came out, met me, and even gave me a huge bag full of merchandise. Overall it was an amazing trip and I can’t thank anyone more for donating to help save those 10 dogs! 

Houston Strays

During the Houston trip I had to go through a very sad huge dog shelters housing over 1,000 dogs. Shockingly EVERY single dog was sick. Some who have not eaten in days. 

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Donating helps save wild animals!  Every last penny donated will be given to save animals. Wildlife conservation is our #1 goal. Videos of your money being used to save endangered animals will be available on this website and on our Instagram, Dylan_Capshaw_Wildlife_Funds! 


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Why donate here?

If you’re wondering “Why donate here instead of somewhere bigger or a place that I trust?” Because our goal isn’t making personal money or fame, it’s saving poor animals in need of help, or preventing animals of even needing help because they are kept healthy. Our business is wanting and is giving every last penny that’s donated to help animals! If you still need more info just contact us below.


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Dog Pet Cover


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If you donate a total of $25 by clicking this donate now button, you get this added onto your order! Dogs love car rides, but humans hate dirty dog fur in their car. So using this waterproof seat cover you can drive your dog around happily with no scracthed or ripped seats, no wet stink car, no dog fur, and no sliding across the seats. 

Emoji Keychains


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If you donate $5 (including shipping!) by pressing the donate now button you get these awesome  emoji keychains shipped to you! Collect all 6 types! A random chosen one will be shipped to you.

ALL MONEY MADE INCLUDING SHIPPING WILL BE DONATED TO HELP SAVE ANIMALS! A total of $5.00 will be donated and not kept for personal use.

Animal Tote Bag!


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 If you donate $6 by pressing the donate now button you get Get a 100% cotton tote bag! By using these to shop instead of plastic bags you help save our planet. The whole amount INCLUDING SHIPPING will be donated to animals! A total of $7.00 will be donated after purchase.


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