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Our Newest Fundraiser is now started and already featured on Fox 10 News!

Please watch the Fox News video for a great background of the foundation.

Our brand new fundraiser is now live! We are trying to put a stop to dog meat farms. Our goal is to raise $15,000 which will go towards large organizations working hard everyday to shut down meat farms. Even Simon Cowell has just donated to the same cause! Let’s put a stop to dog cruelty now. Here is our exclusive interview with the Ritz Herald:

Dylan Capshaw, a 13 year old teen from Scottsdale Arizona with numerous accomplishments is fast becoming a household name. The Dylan Capshaw Wildlife Foundation has recently skyrocketed in popularity, boasting a segment on FOX 10 news and 2 new billboards in Arizona with one to follow in L.A. His latest goal is to raise $5000 towards targeting and shutting down dog meat farms.

Across Asia, there is increasingly vocal local opposition to this trade due to cruelty, criminality and human health concerns. Despite global public concern, dog and cat traders snatch animals from the streets, steal pets from backyards or buy them from owners. Only later to be killed by electrocution in slaughterhouses or markets. Elsewhere, they are usually bludgeoned, hanged or more rarely, boiled alive. Dog meat bans exist in Hong Kong, the Philippines, Taiwan, Thailand and Singapore; most recently, Indonesia pledged support for a ban.

We interview Dylan, who has just adopted a baby Wallaby as the foundation’s official mascot!

Erich Rüthers: What prompted you to get involved in advocacy and activism?

Dylan Capshaw: I have always had a passion for animals, I just needed a chance to pursue my passion. During Hurricane Harvey, I saw the perfect chance to start a foundation to raise money for the animals affected by the hurricane. It was very successful and from there I advanced.

Q: Tell us a little about the Dylan Capshaw Wildlife Foundation and how you have started your first advocacy campaign?

A: When I returned from Houston Texas after my donation event, I realized I needed to start spreading my name around and getting more support. A billboard company later made a donation of two billboards for advertising. I even adopted a road in Scottsdale Arizona, where I do large city-wide public road cleanings.

Q: How is the fight against the dog meat farms going and why is this important to you?

A: Helping raise awareness for the cruelty of the dogs behind bars is important to me because after rescuing many dogs, I have seen how intelligent they are and how they shouldn’t be killed and harvested for meat and especially slowly tortured in cages, slowly watching there friends die in front of them. So far the new campaign just started, so we are about 5% to our $5,000 goal.

Q: Congratulations on your FOX channel feature. Do you see yourself collaborating with other activists?

A: Thank you! Absolutely! When I got allowed to get the wallaby, FOX News jumped right on it. I have already been talking to associates with the WWF and PetSmart has sponsored the foundation and lets us set-up stands outside some of their stores to raise money. I would also love to team up with Simon Cowell who has the same vision for this cause just like me.

Q: Is there one message you would like to share with our audience and your fans?

A: Yes. Money is tight for people and there are plenty of ways to get involved without donating! We love all of our followers and fans so much and we hope to grow our family! Simply reading our website or skipping the straw at your restaurant can make a difference. Let’s change the planet one step at a time!

Mr. Capshaw has plenty of fun small fundraisers on his website as well, follow by a shop where all of the proceeds go to donations. Any donations will help him reach the goal.

@jadethewallaby | @wildlifegenius

You can also see our interview on Fox News here

Here is the exact interview, click the link to see the actual video:

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. (FOX 10) - A Scottsdale teen is on a mission to save wildlife animals. And he's added a new member to his family - a wallaby.

Dylan Capshaw has always been a  natural around animals. Since a very young age, he's rescued rabbits and dogs and now he's taken in his most exotic animal thus far.

There's no secret here. 13-year-old Capshaw loves animals. At just 3-years-old, Capshaw started to rescue critters.

"He felt bad for the hissing cockroach," said his mom Amy. "So he asked to have it as a pet and then I asked a week later if we could let 'Hissy' go back to his family and he said that Hissy comes from Africa, it's a Madagascar cockroach, and he will not make it back to Africa.

Amy Capshaw instantly knew there was something special about her son.

"When he developed his love for animals, at first when I said, 'He's incubating chicken eggs to hatch chickens, this is happening,' [my husband] said let's let him, let's feed his hobby. So we did," Amy said.

Over the years, Dylan went on to rescue tortoises, rabbits, and dogs. But the most exotic animal he's rescued so far is a wallaby, who he named Damien. And to get Damien took a lot of research.

"You just have to know people," Dylan said. "[You have to] ask questions too because they are not all available on the internet. It took a lot of supplies and bottles and cleaning stuff."

He admits taking care of a wildlife animal is challenging but for him, it's all worth it. 

"With all the dust, they suffer from Valley Fever a lot here so they are very hard to keep as pets," Dylan said. "And there's a reason why they are not common, but it does pay off because they are wonderful creatures."

Dylan now has his own foundation called the Dylan Capshaw Foundation. He started it after helping displaced animals by Hurricane Harvey. His mission: To continue to save animals around the world.

"I'm hoping that I can grow up to really make a difference and change how it really is with animals and dog farms where they are being sold as meant [and] cruel methods in general," Dylan said. 

While officials from Arizona Game and Fish spoke to Dylan about the wallaby and were very impressed, they do caution people from taking in exotic wildlife as they can post a danger to human health and safety.


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